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Our wildlife is in crisis.

Help us defend New Zealand’s nature with a regular gift.

Become A Nature’s Future Supporter Today

Become a Nature’s Future Supporter today and help Forest & Bird defend nature where it needs us most. Each month, your donation will ensure Forest & Bird remain at the forefront of protecting New Zealand’s environment and wildlife.


With your regular gift, together we can:


  • Protect our wild rivers like the Waitaha River on the West Coast from being piped and channelled.
  • Restore native plants and waterways throughout the country.
  • Fight land swaps and irrigation schemes all the way to The Supreme Court like we did for the Ruahine Forest Park in the Hawke’s Bay.
  • Fight for solutions from the Government with the Freshwater Rescue Plan.
  • Expose regional governments when they fail to protect habitat from farming and clearing like Canterbury’s braided river islands.


With your regular gift, together we can:


  • Press for vastly improved protection for threatened species and a comprehensive network of marine protected areas.
  • Push for better fishing practices that do not needlessly slaughter our precious seabirds and endangered marine mammals.
  • Protect our marine species – too many are at risk of extinction with Maui’s dolphins one of the rarest under threat – just over 60 remain.
  • Reduce the number of more marine animals and seabirds that are killed from fishing –  each year at least 1,000 seabirds are killed through fisheries related activities.

Wildlife & Wild Places

With your regular gift, together we can: 


  • Get behind predator control both in action on the ground through branches and on a national level by advocating for much greater predator control on the public conservation land.
  • Lobby the Government for an increase in Department of Conservation funding.
  • Question the sense of developments that would put our environment at risk and use the law to protect nature.

Climate Change

With your regular gifts together we can:


  • Build a strong case for nature’s role in combating climate change.
  • Continue to work with other environmental groups to lift climate change up the agenda for New Zealand.
  • Work to educate people about the importance of nature and how when we nurture and protect our environment, in turn we are given shelter from climate change.
  • Lead the work on practical methods for providing biodiversity resilience to climate disruption.
  • Fight for a nation-wide plan to cut emissions.